The TimeDrift Archives

Why hello there internet traveler! Welcome to the archives. It's currently still very much a work in progress, but in time it will be a beatiful place (I hope). This is the place where I will be cataloging all the cool stuff I have discovered on my travel forwards in time, and the different leads I have to bring me back. Many mysteries still plague me on my jump forwards, but I don't doubt a solution can be found. Feel free to have a look around :-)

Finally have had some time to work on the site again, done some major changes to the layout. I've also started to fill out the changelog. I had known from the beginning I'd want one, but I've only got around to it now
Have done some very basic styling. Its starting to look like something, but its still very far from what it will be eventually
I'm mostly still working on ideas I have in my head and how to implement them on here, but I have at least got the basics done
The day I created the site whoo, not a lot was done otherwise